Q & A

Questions & Answers for participating musicians of SAMUR II

          1) Who are the participants?

The participants come from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Germany, Iran, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
All selected musicians are professionally qualified and distinctive musicians from various forms of music – including Western Contemporary, Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Folk, Indian Classical, Experimental, etc.
Since the whole idea of SAMUR is about cross-cultural exchange, every participant has been selected on the basis of outstanding creative abilities and singular profile in their form of music.
Information on all participants will be shared in the SAMUR II group of musicians, directors, organizers and partners.

          2) What kind of accommodation would be provided to the participants?

Accommodation would be in a hotel, hygienic, comfortable, well-serviced with Wi-Fi and home-stay feeling, either walkable from KMMC or otherwise. Occupancy would be on a twin-sharing basis in double rooms air-conditioned, bath-attached provided with complimentary breakfast.

          3) What will the daily schedule look like?

There can be no fixed daily schedule for creative endeavors, even though the activities and targets will be out-lined into a broad framework which would be flexible to be adapted to the needs and moods of the residency. The whole concept is based on the belief in the natural interest and enthusiastic approach of all invited musicians to share, play, contribute and compose with each other.
Therefore accommodation, food, equipment and rehearsal space are provided, and all music and collaborative activities are dependent on the initiatives of the participants.
Within the two weeks of your stay you might end up playing and developing music with various groups and bands (like duos, trios, etc.… up to a big ensemble), depending on your interests and the outcome.
The residency will commence with an informal gathering where every participant will have an opportunity to introduce and present themselves and give other participants an introduction to their music through a short performance.
In the following days, rehearsal spaces will be open throughout the day for collaboration, composition and preparation of performances.
During the course of the residency, we will have ‘No Music Days’ filled with various social contents not related to music in order to provide participants with some rest and give them an opportunity to get to know each other a little outside the realm of music.

          4) What kind of food arrangement is there for the participants?

Breakfast will be provided at your accommodation. Lunch and Dinner is to be planned independently or in groups according to the working schedule, anywhere of your choice, based on the break time and duration on a daily basis. Tea/Coffee/Juice would be available at the venue to refresh during intervals. Each musician would be given a daily allowance for expenses towards food and other daily needs.
Any specific allergies or other restrictions should be taken into consideration as utmost importance to avoid sickness during the residency.

          5) Is there any preparation or pre-requirements for SAMUR II?

All you need to bring is yourself and your curiosity to share and exchange.
And, of course, bring your instrument! (This does not apply to piano and drum-set.)
If you are for some reason unable to bring your instrument with you, please let us know, and we will try to provide you with one for the course of your stay.
Recordings, compositions and concepts of your former work are very welcome.

          6) Flight & Visa requirements?

All participants should book their own flight tickets which would be paid back to you after your arrival in Chennai, once you provide the original invoice. We request you to book the flights as per the specifications mentioned below:
Flight Status: Economy
Arrival in Chennai: 17th Aug. 2017 Departure from Chennai: 03rd Sep. 2017
Kindly note that the ticket prices within the specified amount will only be reimbursed.
Air Fares: Domestic
Ahmedabad – Chennai – Ahmedabad = Rs.6000/- (max.)
Kolkata – Chennai – Kolkata = Rs.6000/- (max.)
Mumbai – Chennai – Mumbai = Rs.6000/- (max.)
New Delhi – Chennai – New Delhi = Rs.7000/- (max.)
Air Fares: International
Colombo – Chennai – Colombo = Rs.15000/- (max.)
Germany – Chennai – Germany = Rs.60000/- (max.)
Kabul – Chennai – Kabul = Rs.30000/- (max.)
Karachi – Chennai – Karachi = Rs.45000/- (max.)
Kathmandu – Chennai – Kathmandu = Rs.30000/- (max.)
London – Chennai – Dhaka = Rs.40000/- (max.)

All participants coming from the countries that require a visa for entering India are responsible for obtaining one. The Goethe-Institut will be helping you for anything you might need concerning your visa application (invitation letter, NOC, etc.).
For us to be able to give you this letter, we request the participant to give the full address of the Consulate or Embassy in their country that they will approach for the visa.

After we have heard from everyone, we will send you a detailed e-mail containing everything you need to know about getting to SAMUR II, what to bring, and what to expect when you arrive.